Borders Aren’t the Problem

Socialism is the Problem…

we-don't-need-socialismThis King is no longer amused by the topic change techniques offered by Cloward and Piven advocates when it comes to our southern borders. I get it… Yes we are a nation of immigrants… LEGAL immigrants! The opposition notes it’s our responsibility to help the children; and we should reunite them with their families… here in America; and financially support them and their families even if it bankrupts the country. Of course we know America can never go bankrupt because with our centralized banking system all we need do is print more money or move the computerized decimal point a couple of zeros to the LEFT and the problem is solved.  Ask the former U.S.S.R. how doing that worked for them. Maybe Cuba, Zimbabwe or North Korea could  advise our policy makers?

The risk of making it to our border without the benefits of reward would reduce the illegal immigration influx to a manageable trickle. Which “manageable” means no penetration. The double fence method works for this king. The first fence is at the border. The second fence, 100 yards inside our border is the deadline. Breaching the first invokes an act of war. The newly constructed National Guard bases along the border will deal with the bodies in accordance with the Geneva Convention. This King cares not of the way other countries do it, we are property owners obeying the laws we invoke. The real question should be… Are we a socialist nation, or are we free?

BTW: There’s a big difference between a helping hand and life-long welfare. We applaud the helping hand if administered by local communities where administrative helpers actually interface with the needy.