If You Remember the 60’s… You Wern’t Really There!
During the sixties King Allan played drums for the Image, the Shaggs, the Kriptkickers, the Backbeats, and freelanced in several recording studios. He was best know for his stand against his high school’s dress code… More specifically his long hair. He made headlines when he refused to cut his hair causing the Broward County School System to suspend him from attending classes. (see articles below)

Music bed for the slideshow is “Can’t Explain” recorded by the Backbeats, (Lee Norman – Lead, Larry Davis – Rhythm, George Christensen – Keyboard, Paul St. Pierre – Bass and Allan Mason – Lead Vocal & Drums) during a reunion at Lee Norman’s Music Store in 1982.



There were several high school musicians obliged to the barber’s shears during those years, but none received the television, radio and news paper coverage of the great hair cutting escapade at Northeast High School in the summer of 1964.

According to King Allan, “Rebellion is a heck of a cool thing, and if you do it correctly… It won’t cost a thing.” Mason says it wasn’t so much the length as it was the style, but that style caused change, and the folks in the 60’s who were in their 60’s, ergo the voters didn’t care much for change. Get a hair cut… Get a real job was part of the chip set, Mason says he heard it at least ten times a day.

1964 Alan cut your hair dude-bw